• blame the world too hypocritica

    Youth is a beautiful sadness.


    The youth swaying, the rainy season.


    Or deep or shallow memory, or sad or happy beginning.


    Interpretation of different alexander hera experiences, have the same sad.


    Young people, dazzling and gorgeous!


    My youth? Qiao if Fang Fei, dream like a WAN separation.


    The kite is far away, the wind blew Not the least trace was found;


    The past dream, still remain in the unknown place, continue to pursue the dream of the people.


    To talk


    Youth, a solo


    Sometimes like a person looking at the sky, which they did not know what to look for in.


    Perhaps, only the white clouds, blue sky know;


    Sometimes the corner into his most loved place seems the only way to completely retire, no longer acting;


    Sometimes the sense of loneliness, alexander hera pre wedding even if the people around a lot, but also all is strange, perhaps I was a man of few words.


    I like the life of a person, not to be disturbed, quiet enron.


    May be very lonely, but also more comfortable than false display of affection;


    I like a poetic life, enjoy the quiet mi.


    Even if only a peach tree, a pot of tea, but also more fun than perfect mask.


    In the eyes of others, I always just a complex character, lengao lonely girl.


    If you know me before, so I think, you will forgive me now.


    Before fifteen years old, I'm too innocent and you, have a happy childhood.


    But who is involved, broke alexander hera價錢 my life, take away my naivete.


    I hate, hate God is unfair; I blame, blame the world too hypocritical.


    I complained, I complained, I live like a madman, I suppressed all the rage.


    Only blame the sun too light is too dark, not my heart burst out.

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